Use Java EE JSON to Avoid Mapping Complex DTOs

(This article was first published on LinkedIn.)

When developing applications, you’ve probably faced a situation in which you need to integrate with third-party APIs, either to improve a service that provides users with data or to add a new functionality. Many software engineers solve this by mapping complex DTOs, but there's a much easier method available. 



How to Build a Simple Validation Mechanism for JAVA Spring MVC REST Endpoint Parameters

Over the years I have seen several approaches for validating inputs (@RequestParam, @RequestBody, etc.) for REST endpoints. Many of these approaches are pretty manual and require explicitly calling a validation mechanism. But is there a way to automate this process while writing as little code as possible, still validating all inputs, and responding with friendly messages to consumers? 


Consultants: The Out-of-the-Box Perspective Your Team May Need

Assuming that your team has been working on similar projects and using the same technologies for a while, it's normal to develop set views of how certain issues should be addressed. Many companies automatically start to make decisions based on what feels comfortable or what expends less energy instead of objectively analyzing processes. If your team hasn't gotten out of its comfort zone recently, it may be time to start thinking outside the box.