The Rio Olympics are in full swing, giving the world an inside view of Brazilian culture and history. For those of us watching on TV, the feeling of saudade is present. As is quickly becoming customary, I've pulled together another set of relevant thought pieces, news stories, and tips & tricks from the past week. Enjoy!




  • Many of us who follow the container ecosystem closely witnessed quite the debate on Twitter last week. The tl;dr of it boils down to the right balance between industry standards and continued innovation. Joab Jackson breaks it down. Container Format Dispute on Twitter Shows Disparities Between Docker and the Community [The New Stack]

  • Despite the clear benefits, nobody claimed microservices to be an easier path towards developing large scale applications. If we're meant to be strict with our bounded contexts, what do we do when we actually want to share data between services? Christian Posta dives in using the often used airline ticketing example. The Hardest Part About Microservices: Your Data [Christian Posta]


  • Designers can benefit from optimization just as developers do. Duval Nicolas shares some personal advice around creating a shared library of components for rapid iterations and consistent output. Dare I say DRY design? Stop designing interfaces, Start designing experiences [Medium]

  • Your weekly reminder that user experience is about just that - the experience. Nik Page digs into the business implications of UI/UX, with a few retail cases. UX Strategy – It Is All About The Experience [Usability Geek]


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