It's been a week of broken records... in Brazil with the Olympics in full swing, and in the US with Walmart's purchase of - the largest E-Commerce acquisition in history. Remember, of course, records are made to be broken. I've pulled together another set of relevant thought pieces, news stories, and tips & tricks from the past week. Enjoy!





  • We're always looking at ways to optimize our site. UX mapping is a relatively new technique that navigates a persona through various interaction paths. Early concept, but it has potential. Mapping A Website's Strengths And Weaknesses With UX [Usability Geek]

  • Staying on top of UX debt is just as important as minimizing technical debt. Jack Moffett provides a few key pointers, with a more comprehensive e-book linked at the end of the article. How to Avoid UX Gaps In Your Product [UXMag]


Ivan Dwyer

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