I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend as much as I did. We’re back in action with another fresh set of news, articles, and tips. Enjoy!



  • Individuals don’t deliver software, teams do. Today’s environment warrants a fresh look at how we organize our teams, and what we can do to ensure everyone is collaborative, performing, and represented. David J Bland provides 5 characteristics for Designing Modern Teams [Medium]

  • When we hear that ‘software is eating the world’, we often think of the new generation of startups that are disrupting the incumbents. This isn’t always the case, and a recent study shows that big companies can be more successful with new technology than smaller ones. Are Big Companies Really Innovative Dinosaurs? [DZone]




Ivan Dwyer

Ivan is the Director of Business Development at Avenue Code, collaborating with technology and industry partners to deliver meaningful IT and development solutions.