Javascript localStorage & sessionStorage gotchas

Responsive Web Design and Mobile First: 5 basic techniques

About a year and a half after reaching 1 billion active users, Facebook hit another milestone: over 1 billion active mobile users. Mashable, one of the biggest sources of content about social media, internet news, and digital innovation, published a survey stating that 17.4% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. This survey was published in 2013, since which time the percentage has steadily crept upward yearly.


Centering Content with CSS

A few minutes surfing on the internet is already enough for us to see how common it is to have centered elements in a web page layout. But how to do it? How to have elements perfectly centered in the web page? This article aims to explore a few CSS alternatives on how we can get the job done. First we are going to talk about horizontal alignment, and then we’ll explore vertical alignment.