Getting Started with Ansible

BrowserSync - A Tool to Streamline Manual testing

For many, manual cross-browser testing takes a lot of time and is a boring, repetitive job. Here is a practical example of how BrowserSync helps us test different browsers at the same time without any programming. In this blog, we're going to set it up and explore some good examples of where it's utilized. Here we go!


Feature Files: Concepts and Tips

How many times have you come across a story that is ready for testing, but does not fit all the acceptance criteria? Did you know that a majority of cases are related to bad feature file writing? In this snippet, I am going to present some standards and tips on feature file writing. These tips will help prevent late and bad outcomes, as well as endorse software quality using techniques and approaches that will help the Agile team to accomplish a better outcome for the stories within the project.


Example Mapping: Getting the Most from Cucumber

Within the Agile community, Cucumber has become a widely-used framework for test automation. It can be a great help when used for its primary purpose: namely, helping to build a ubiquitous language for your business and sharing reliable documentation easily understood by everyone from your Product Owner to your customer. That’s why you'll often hear users say that Cucumber is essentially a collaborative tool: to really get the most out of it, everyone on the team should share the responsibility for creating system documentation.