Android Basics - Activities & Fragments

Enabling Rich Previews of Shared Links

A hands-on look at enabling rich previews of links in iMessage, Facebook, and beyond. First published on January 9th, 2017 at

The iMessage app in iOS 10 provides rich previews of links when they are properly formatted to take advantage of this new feature.  In addition, these same links will contain rich previews in other apps too, like Facebook, Reddit, WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter, and others with the same configuration.


Improving Javascript Performance with Event Delegation

Events are the most common way to promote interactions between the UI and application layers on web applications. Be it a click, a focus or a scroll, webapps are filled with them, bringing sites to life, enhancing user experience and promoting friendly interfaces to the end user.


Parallax on the web

Those who enjoy surfing the internet and admire the beauty in websites have almost definitely noticed the introduction of a new design concept: the parallax. The parallax itself is a technique that explores component independent movement, creating astonishing 3D visual effects in the page. This effect relies heavily on the scrolling event, where each component can move at different velocities - during the scrolling - in order to grab users’ attention and direct it to a certain area/information. But what types of parallaxes exist? Why and where should we use them? These are a few questions we'll try to answer in this article.


Responsive Web Design and Mobile First: 5 basic techniques

About a year and a half after reaching 1 billion active users, Facebook hit another milestone: over 1 billion active mobile users. Mashable, one of the biggest sources of content about social media, internet news, and digital innovation, published a survey stating that 17.4% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. This survey was published in 2013, since which time the percentage has steadily crept upward yearly.


Centering Content with CSS

A few minutes surfing on the internet is already enough for us to see how common it is to have centered elements in a web page layout. But how to do it? How to have elements perfectly centered in the web page? This article aims to explore a few CSS alternatives on how we can get the job done. First we are going to talk about horizontal alignment, and then we’ll explore vertical alignment.