AC Spotlight - Pouya Boland

Mixing Heart of Agile and VUCA Prime to Enable Business Agility

In this blog, you'll learn how to use both Heart of Agile and VUCA Prime core values and principles to enable Business Agility. I'll begin by explaining the basics of Business Agility. Next, we'll look at how simple and powerful Heart of Agile is. Then, I'll talk about the VUCA Prime framework and its importance in our current way of life. Finally, you'll see how these three concepts are deeply connected when it comes to behaviors, practices, and tools.


Swift and the Hidden Power of Enums

Enums--or enumerated types--in Swift have been around for a long time, but I never truly explored their potential until I stumbled across an article explaining that "enums can define any hierarchically organized data." So I decided to try using enums, not as I had traditionally used them, but as the very foundation of my data. Today, I invite you to explore the potential of these powerful types with me.


Your Introduction to Multiple Objective Optimization

We consider optimization every day of our lives. We always want to take the route that will get us to work the fastest, accomplish as many tasks as possible on time based on priority, and so on. Optimization means finding the solution (or solutions) for a problem that produces a result that cannot be further improved. Today, we'll introduce multiple objective optimization.