A Web History: The Origin of Bundlers, Part 2

Last week, we set the stage for understanding the origin of bundlers: our protagonist Jay Ess successfully solved the problem of his single, monstrous script file by breaking it into several smaller files, but now he faces new challenges and must find better solutions...


A Web History: The Origin of Bundlers, Part 1

Are you an aspiring JavaScript Developer? Have you been writing JavaScript for a while but lack confidence when talking about modules? Have you run across terms like "module loaders" and "module bundlers" and wondered what they mean? Have you heard about webpack, Browserify, CommonJS, and AMD and not understood why we use these things? Follow this three-part series to learn more! 


AC Spotlight - Martin Gilliard

(The following article is property of Avenue Code, LLC, and was originally published with permission at TotalRetail on April 27, 2018.) 

While in New York City, I had the opportunity to interview Martin Gilliard, chief information officer, senior executive vice president at Barneys New York. I'm excited to share his fresh perspective on retail and the ever-evolving role of CIOs, which is informed by his expertise in technology and other diverse studies.


Google Cloud AI Product Review, Part 2

Most tech savvy people these days know about the potential for cloud computing technology and how the cloud has already affected businesses by effectively storing data and balancing the existing workloads. Google Cloud Platform has been adopted by many organizations for building AI solutions, mostly because it originates with one of the most prominent IT companies - Google. In part 1 of this series, I provided a review of some of Google's AI products. Today, we'll review the remainder.


AC Spotlight - Justin Sellman

(The following article is property of Avenue Code, LLC, and was originally published with permission at TotalRetail on March 2, 2018.) 

Justin Sellman is the vice president, e-commerce and digital strategy at GHURKA, a luxury leather goods retailer. We spoke with him to get his perspective on how luxury retail has adapted to e-commerce and where he sees retail headed.


Beyond Agile - Product-Driven Companies

In our last two articles, we differentiated outputs from outcomes and discussed strategies for focusing on outcomes. In this article, we'll discover how great Product Managers can improve your product process and guide your company toward achieving its goals.