Running Docker in a Vagrant VM

DApps: The New Generation of Applications

DApp is an application that runs on top of a blockchain that combines a smart control and a frontend user interface. Don´t worry if you don't completely understand this concept, because in today's snippet, we are going to explain blockchain and its evolutions, as well as introduce DApps and their wider industry implications.


How to Run Integration Tests Using Docker Compose and .NET 5

Writing automated tests is an essential part of the development process, but it's not unusual to find codebases with little or no test coverage. Compared to unit tests, integration tests bring even more challenges since they get the same results running in different OSs (different developer machines and CI pipelines), but they are necessary in evaluating the effectiveness of different software modules when they are interconnected.


Why is Mentoring Important?

When I joined the Avenue Code team as an intern, I was introduced to mentoring: a guidance system where seasoned developers share their knowledge, skills, and experience to assist their colleagues toward successful development. In this post, I will talk about my experience as a mentee, as well as what I learned along the way.