Assuming that your team has been working on similar projects and using the same technologies for a while, it's normal to develop set views of how certain issues should be addressed. Many companies automatically start to make decisions based on what feels comfortable or what expends less energy instead of objectively analyzing processes. If your team hasn't gotten out of its comfort zone recently, it may be time to start thinking outside the box.

Of course, it's completely fine to preserve routine processes because you want to save your team unnecessary effort or because you know how to do certain projects with your eyes closed. We all recognize, however, that the success of any given project goes way beyond these considerations. Performance, maintenance, reusability, and other technical considerations should always be assessed as well. 

But changing the entire ecosystem of your team is not easy, and when you're in the trenches on a daily basis, it's hard to assess which particular processes are efficient and which would benefit from adjustment. Because of this, we recommend working with an outside consultant. If you want to know how your team can implement new strategies to improve productivity and ingenuity, keep reading. 

But Wait... What is a Consultant?

A consultant is an outside partner who works closely with your company or team, offering advice on which technologies increase efficiency and how to implement them in order to best meet your business goals or overcome project challenges. While a consultant's role is always tailored to a company's particular needs, their main purpose is to provide guidance and technical expertise. There are three types of consultants: expert consultants, project-as-demand consultants, and augment staff consultants. 

Experts: the Problem Solvers

When a company or team faces an obstacle they've never encountered and don’t have enough knowledge to solve, it's probably time to call the cavalry. In this  scenario, the company should get in touch with a consulting agency that can quickly provide expert solutions. The agency will likely conduct a couple studies and analyze processes to identify obstacles and present solutions for the client to implement. 

Project as Demand: One Gig Job

Project as demand is the most common consulting scenario. Here, a company hires a consulting agency (or a single consultant) to independently take on a project from start to finish. For example, a company might hire an IT agency to develop their software, with the understanding that the contract concludes once the software is delivered. 

Augment Staff: Some Extra Hands

In a scenario where a client doesn't need guidance and already has solid processes in place, consultants enter the scenario as experienced partners to help deliver a project on time.  In the scenario, the consultant is hired as a contractor and operates as part of the team, taking on the same responsibilities and duties as other employees. This is a wonderful solution for companies that don't want to spend too much time interviewing, hiring, and training new employees.

The Benefits of Having a Consultant on Your Team

Besides their technical expertise and business acumen, consultants have the ability to think on their feet and diplomatically resolve all sorts of issues and conflicts. Having someone with this profile on your team contributes greatly toward swift business goal achievements.

Additionally, consultants must keep up with industry trends in order to stay at the top of their game. Because they enter all sorts of business scenarios, consultants are continuously learning about the best technologies available on the market, their best uses, and the best implementation for each context.

Since consultants are not tied to a single company, they also have the opportunity to work on several different project types during their careers. The higher a consultant's seniority, the greater professional experiences they've collected over the years. Such a diverse background enables them to wisely make important decisions during project development and to solve multiple obstacles. Hiring experienced professionals saves your company time, effort, and money since they can quickly guide you toward the best solution.

Their Success is Your Success

Best of all, consultants are true team players. They work well with all sorts of teams, and because their future success depends on your satisfaction, they do everything in their power to provide your company with excellent solutions while respecting each employee. At Avenue Code, we put a lot of time and effort into handpicking the best IT professionals so that we can always provide our clients with the best consulting experience. If you'd like to take your company one step further, we would love to show you how Avenue Code can support your unique business needs. 


Mirna Silva

Mirna Silva is a Quality Engineer Consultant at Avenue Code. She has a master's degree in Computer Science and is totally passionate about technology, digital marketing, and photography.

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