Beyond Borders: Integrating Design Teams in Avenue Code's Remote and Global Consulting Model

Much is said about the challenges of integrating teams and maintaining a company's culture in a remote model. At Avenue Code, the Design division is spread across 11 Brazilian states and four different countries: the United States, Brazil, Canada, and Portugal. In this scenario, as a consulting company serving diverse clients from various niches, the challenges of collaboration and integration become even more significant. So, how do we overcome them?

We believe the answer lies in coming together. In addition to having regular rituals to maintain our team connection, there is also a special annual event that puts into practice everything we advocate in our division: peer exchanges, shared knowledge, and updates on relevant market topics.

This special event is our beloved .Design Week. In its third edition this year, it took place between September 11th and 15th and featured 16 talks, bringing valuable insights from the Design field. Besides team integration, the event also aims to provide learning for over a thousand Avenue Coders who do not have direct contact due to working on different clients and industries.

In pairs or flying solo, the hosts tackled crucial topics such as "Design and the Future," "Ethical Considerations in UX Research", "Creating Meaningful Connections with Design," among others. And, as good designers, we couldn't forget about a beautiful visual identity to promote our event. It was created by the designer Luciano Lazzarotto and made our week shine even brighter.

A novelty in this edition was the participation of two clients in the roundtable discussion, "Adding Value with Design." In this session, Leandro Gregório (Cargill Digital Labs) and Guilherme Baeta (Braskem Digital Center) brought their valuable insights and expertise on the importance of design culture in business transformation and its impact on competitiveness.

If uniting our team is already beneficial, bringing our clients into the discussion is even better!

Are you curious to check out these contents? If so, click the button below to check out the talks that are being updated in our playlist and see how we are strengthening collaboration in the remote and global design model in practice.

View the Talks Here.


Angela Lemos

Angela is a Copywriter and UX Writer with a degree in Portuguese Language, who currently works in the Design division and loves to use her know-how in Language to simplify ideas. She lives in Rio de Janeiro and really enjoys cooking risotto on the weekends.

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