AC Spotlight - Eduardo Matos

Why Ruby Still Rocks

Many programming languages become trendy, enjoy a peak, and sooner or later fall out of favor. Today, people are talking about Ruby's decrease in popularity and even its alleged death. Here's why I think Ruby remains a solid programming language and Ruby on Rails a reliable web application framework. 


Takeaways from RubyConf São Paulo 2019

Locaweb, one of the largest web hosting companies in Brazil, hosted this year's RubyConf at Universidade Anhembi Morumbi in the heart of São Paulo's booming Vila Olímpia area. Our Avenue Coders couldn't miss it!


Mixing Heart of Agile and VUCA Prime to Enable Business Agility

In this blog, you'll learn how to use both Heart of Agile and VUCA Prime core values and principles to enable Business Agility. I'll begin by explaining the basics of Business Agility. Next, we'll look at how simple and powerful Heart of Agile is. Then, I'll talk about the VUCA Prime framework and its importance in our current way of life. Finally, you'll see how these three concepts are deeply connected when it comes to behaviors, practices, and tools.