Avenue Code is pleased to announce the first-ever Extraordinary Women in Tech global conference on December 9 - 10, 2021, where women from all over the world are invited for an unparalleled lineup of peer-to-peer networking opportunities, personal branding career workshops, interviews with angel investors and mentors, and exclusive insights on the latest advances in AI. 

The conference will feature an impressive lineup of female executive speakers from Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, American Express, and Facebook, in addition to tech evangelist Tannya Jajal, professional services EMEA, resource manager, METNA, VMware, in Dubai and startup and women’s influencer Mali Baum, CEO and founder, WLOUNGE, Berlin.

Attendees can customize their experience with sessions on innovation, technology, and leadership. Sensitive topics on aging, balancing motherhood, and appearance will also be addressed. The conference will then conclude with a celebration of new friendships and learnings at an exquisite gala.

"This conference brings together the brightest female minds to advance and celebrate the movement of women leadership in technology,” says Ulyana Zilbermints, vice president, client success, Avenue Code, and conference curator. “As an immigrant, a mother, and a female executive in the tech sector, I experienced first-hand the numerous challenges that are inherent to our segment. As time went by in my 20’s, I found the constant need to establish technical credibility within 10 seconds or less, and in my 30’s having to be at my very best all the time and still falling short from male counterparts. As I’m reaching 40 in today’s world, I can finally breathe and embrace the authentic and companioned way I lead my team.”

Zilbermints, a recognized mentor for women seeking to advance their careers, has been featured on the cover of Russian Time Magazine as an example of a woman who has successfully balanced her life as a Silicon Valley tech executive, a business owner, and a mother to 7-year-old twins.

“It’s not just about women entering IT, it’s also about helping them advance,” says Extraordinary Women in Tech panelist Fariba Rawhani, CIO, Teranet Inc. “It’s very important that we women support one another and send the message that it’s okay to be successful and ambitious; it’s okay to want to expand our horizons and do more. Always remember that women have a sisterhood.”

The Extraordinary Women in Tech global conference will take place (in person) at the InterContinental Hotel in San Francisco, where attendees will enjoy the unique opportunity to fast track their careers by meeting one on one with a strong support system of female leaders from around the globe.

The conference will feature the following:

  1. Startup Track: Meet angel investors and mentors to push ideas to market
  2. Mentorship: Connect with advisors and coaches for career advancement
Conference Inspired by a Webinar Series

Inspired by a company culture that promotes talent diversity, Avenue Code’s majority female leadership team formed a committee to give women opportunities to cultivate and receive recognition for their tech talent through hackathons, inclusion advocacy, and most recently, the Extraordinary Women in Tech webinar series turned global conference.

What began as a webinar series quickly became a community for tech leaders in more than 23 countries, with over 60% of participants representing managers, directors, executives, and C-levels. “Our panelists and guests grew so connected through these talks that we wanted to contribute in a bigger way by giving all women in tech a platform to build stronger relationships and fast track their careers,” explains Zilbermints.

The Extraordinary Women in Tech talk show was created to spotlight female tech leaders from the US, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Mexico, the Middle East, and beyond. Prior webinar topics included:

  1. Enriching Digital Leadership in the Middle East with panelists from VISA, EMAAR Properties, and Riyad Bank
  2. Deep Dive into Berlin’s Booming Business World with panelists from IBM, MyToys Group, and Tourlane.

In the words of Extraordinary Women in Tech panelist Virginia Roda, director of technology and business consulting at KPMG Argentina, “...the future is technological and … we have the possibility today, since we are more inclusive, to design it together. This future has a gender perspective, and that includes us. You have to get in, and you have to be part of it. If we want it to include us, we have to get involved.”

Avenue Code’s Extraordinary Women in Tech global conference is here to give women a way to be involved and to amplify women’s voices in IT. Avenue Code is only selling 300 tickets to create an intimate environment where valuable connections thrive.

Sponsorship packages and tickets are now available!


"Authenticity leads to happiness. Happiness changes over time. Society has a definition of what women are, but if we are to be authentic to be happy, then that definition has to be something that is authentically created by us, and we need a space to evolve it." - Kerry Joel, vice president of Digital Experience, EWIT webinar panelist


Manoela Vieira

Manoela Vieira is the new Marketing Director at Avenue Code. With more than 10 years of experience at Dell, Sonicwall, Kemp Technologies and more, she is excited to share her creativity and expertise in lead generation and brand awareness to help Avenue Code conquer new markets and continue the path to success!

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